Consulting Division – ORACLE


Oracle applications and consulting services department consists of a team of Oracle consultants, business analysts and software developers with high professional qualifications and experience. This group can not only work, but also flexibly support and cooperate.

Regardless of the problem, no matter if it is associated with the equipment or with the customer requirements, we creatively look for solutions, not rejecting any idea. This enables us to prepare the best projects, according to clients’ needs and expectations. Department staff has years of experience in implementing Oracle applications, as well as in conducting business analysis and creation of dedicated systems.

Conducting business analysis and
creation of dedicated systems.


IT Consulting

Determination of needs in the area of IT, hardware and software selection, development of IT strategy, conducting feasibility of projects. In the field of IT consulting, team of consultants rely on proven methodologies and experience, gained by implementing of existing analysis and projects. The key to success is close cooperation with the client to provide full control on chosen development paths.

Business analysis

This process prepares enterprises for the construction or introduction of a complex computer system. During the business analysis, team of consultants work together with client to fully understand the business principles, thanks to which the organization operates. As a result, it is possible to determine what application-hardware environment is able to increase the efficiency of the organization and support the ongoing operation of the analyzed areas.

Software creation

The development of customized solutions to individual customer needs, taking into account the specifics of the company: size, business profile and market sector in which it operates. Comprehensive support at every stage of the system, as well as during its maintenance.


Implementation of information systems in the field of Oracle applications (BI, EPM, ERP systems), publishing systems, identification systems (ICMS) in the following sectors: financial, public administration, as well as industry, trade and services.

Systems integration

Development and implementation of interfaces for cooperation between systems from different vendors, creating a strategy for the integration of different IT systems, the adaptation of existing systems to new users’ needs.