Department of IT solutions and integration


This department is focused mainly on the construction and implementation of “turnkey” applications, designed on specific customer requirements, as well as on the implementation and integration of solutions and technologies from third parties, including leading software producers and open-source platforms.

Proven systems dedicated to your business and organization

Scope of services


Enterprise Application Integration (ESB, BPM) – System integration (implementation of integration bus) and process platforms BPM (Oracle, IBM, WebMethods, Open-source technologies)


Business Intelligence – Data warehousing and analytical reporting modules (technologies: Oracle, Microsoft)


GIS implementation:

– Implementation of tools for spatial management and monitoring of the technical infrastructure in enterprises and tools to support sales processes based on spatial construction data and analysis
– Construction of Spatial Information Systems for the public sector in accordance with the requirements of law and, in particular, with the INSPIRE Directive regarding the processing, storage and publication of spatial data (ESRI, Intergraph, Open-source technologies )
– Advising on the subject of GIS solutions in the area including processing architecture of spatial information systems, implementation of GIS systems, adapting them to the legal requirements and the INSPIRE directive, adaptation and harmonization of spatial data, acquisition and accounting of EU subsidies.


Custom development – Dedicated application solutions (Java, PHP)


Implementation of dedicated technology platforms of third parties


Implementation of platform optimizing management processes in enterprises, including:
a) registration and records of human resources and wage organization models
b) registration and records of clients and projects
c) time recording of employees and clients
d) flexible workflow for approval employees and contractors working time
e) managing of project budgets
f) management of human allocations
g) accounting with contractors and employees, invoicing
h) accounting processes
i) integration with F-K platform