How deos Tourist Guarantee Fund support entrepreneurs in the fight against the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic?

How deos Tourist Guarantee Fund support entrepreneurs in the fight against the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic?

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How deos Tourist Guarantee Fund support entrepreneurs in the fight against the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic?

Work on the creation of the Integrated Platform for Tourist Guarantee Fund Services began in 2018 as a result of DahliaMatic winning a tender procedure announced by the Insurance Guarantee Fund (more information about the project: The challenge was considerable and the project itslef demanding (due to the need to integrate a number of different technologies). We successfully completed the implementation and launched the portal which turned out to be a great support for the tourism industry in the face of the epidemic situation.

E-service for Tourism Industry

The original purpose of building the Platform, developed jointly by the teams of DahliaMatic and Adrenalina Consulting, was to create modern e-service which would optimize and improve cooperation of entities operating on the tourism market and fulfill their obligations towards TGF. In March this year, after over a year of intensive programming and analytical works on the part of both the Contractor and the dedicated UGF team, the portal was officially launched. According to the data published by the Insurance Guarantee Fund so far 2,400 entrepreneurs from the tourism industry have registered their accounts[1] on the portal from which they sent 3,772 e-declarations which have been received by the Insurance Guarantee Fund. The numbers speak for themselves. Only in the first months of the system’s operation 1/3 of the entrepreneurs from the tourism industry have trusted the portal and noticed the social value it brings.

Coronavirus is a genuine test for TGF

The portal’s usability has increased as a result of the limitations caused by the epidemic. Switching to the remote working mode required creation of a functionality that would allow for a direct, electronic and (most importantly) swift contact with the Fund in order to obtain a refund of the paid premium. It is no secret that the tourism industry has found its place on the list of those most affected by the epidemic outbreak. Even more so, providing a tool that will allow entrepreneurs to settle matters quickly, efficiently and remotely has become a priority.

Dominik Architek

The platform is a central place of communication between travelers, entrepreneurs, Marshal Offices, the Fund, Insurance Companies and banks – says Dominik Architek, Project Manager at DahliaMatic. Each group of users has a number of functionalities at their disposal which have been tailored to their needs and the specificity of the provided services. For example, entrepreneurs can file declarations and possible corrections electronically. We have also provided for an option to make payments of the premiums via Dotpay, which will make the entire process even easier. – adds Dominik.

The solution brings benefits also to other entities operating in the tourism industry. Among other things is the digitalization of the process of handling insolvency of tourist offices. In the event of a declaration of insolvency, the competent Marshal Office has the possibility to electronically apply for an advance payment towards the return of travelers to the country or continuation of the trip. In turn, insurance companies and banks can easily file the travelers’ claims which must be paid from TGF. The claimants can check, electronically, and track the status of the handled claim. In the situation of present uncertainty related to the state of epidemic this type of solutions may turn out to be of key importance when making a decision to travel.

Comprehensive Service

As part of the project, the DahliaMatic team have also conducted a series of training sessions for users from Marshal Offices all over Poland.

When organizing the workshops, our priority was to provide the participants with safety. We divided them into three days to limit the number of people staying in one room nad provided disinfectants and face masks. It was an organizational challenge but as I have said, our priority was to ensure comfort and comply with sanitary requirements. – says Dominik.

In addition to in-house trainings the Contractor’s team has prepared e-learning materials dedicated to each group of system recipients. We have also launched a dedicated website which offers a set of information on the functioning of the Fund.

Mateusz Sobeczek

Let us remember that the portal’s mission is, obviously, to support entrepreneurs but as a result also us – travelers. From the very beginning, we have been carrying out this implementation with great care as for us it is not only an interesting programming challenge but also a project that brings social value we constantly believe in. – says Mateusz Sobeczek, Director of the Custom Development Division at DahliaMatic.

Currently, the portal has moved to the maintenance services stage. Eacxh day DahliaMatic specialists support users in their work with the system helping them overcome obstacles.