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IFS Applications, unlike other solutions of this class on the market, is not a complicated and inflexible product. Its construction allows agile and trouble-free adaptation to technological and business changes in the enterprise’s environment. However, IFS Applications is not only above average flexibility, it is also a complete package of functionalities expected from the ERP system and extensions that allow the use of applications in all areas of the company’s operation.

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The system's flexibility allows for smooth changes
Built-in project management (EPM), asset management (EAM) and service support functionalities
Possibility of implementation in cloud service models or on-premise model
Dedykowany dla przedsiębiorstw działających w wymagających warunkach biznesowych
Intuitive and user-friendly interface enabling system operation from any device



Human Capital Management



Supply chain

Sales and service


Business technologies

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Experts with many years of experience
Focus on achieving the client's goals
Implementations in demanding industries
The fastest growing division in DahliaMatic
Openness to the latest technologies


Aviation and defense

Power engineering, public utilities and mining sectors

Construction and building sector

Production sector

Maintenance services

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