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We offer support in:

Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta 3.0
Microsoft Business Solution Axapta 4.0
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform







Retail (POSY)


HR and payroll


Others - Debt collection, Mass invoicing, Cost settlement, Electronic Document Flow

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ERP system dedicated to supporting processes in medium-sized enterprises. Provides integration with all Microsoft family applications. This enables data transfer between them and practical visualization of data in the system.

The system offers:

Support for management processes
Adapting the system to the individual specifics of the company's operations
Relatively low maintenance cost
The ability to set the working environment parametrically



Public sector

Construction industry


Power & Utilities


Improve work in your company with Power BI!

Choose the service that has been recognized as a leader among business analysis and analysis platforms. Power BI provides a complete set of data along with their visualization and analysis supporting decision making at all levels of enterprise management.

Visualization and sharing data with other users
Analysis of both local and cloud data
Custom dashboards and interactive reports
Compliance and data security guarantee

Manage data from SQL Server!

Database management system with high performance, reliability and scalability, with implemented mechanisms to ensure security of operations.

The ability to create applications in any language
High level of environmental safety
Access to real-time analyzes and forecasts
Reports delivered to any device

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E-reports is a module that allows users to automate the process of preparing financial reports as an xml file with the logical structure required by the Ministry of Finance. The module enables adaptation to new versions of file structures published by the Ministry of Finance, storing in the system all generated JPK reports and validation of data compliance in the report with the xml file scheme. Simple and clear configuration allows trouble-free use of the tool by end users.
The Uniform Control File are modules prepared by the company responding to the obligation to provide data as an xml file to taxpayers. JPK contains 5 structures corresponding to the scope of transmitted data (Accounting Books, Bank Statements, Warehouse, Purchase and Sale Records, VAT invoices). In response to constantly changing legal regulations, the solution prepared by the DahliaMatic company allows to generate xml files from Microsoft Dynamics in accordance with the current requirements of the Ministry of Finance.
JPK Manager is an application for advanced management of sending electronic reports to the Ministry of Finance, improving this process while meeting stringent requirements in the field of security policy. The application is adapted to support certificates registered in the Certificate Store service.
The Split Payment Method (MPP) is an add-on of the Microsoft Dynamics system that allows to prepare MPP payment sheets before final invoice posting, support of the payment proposal creation process, automation of file creation with bank transfers, as well as validation of compliance of payment sheets with MPP assumptions and automation of booking VAT items in incoming transfers.
Definable Reports is a solution that enriches the possibility of defining and generating reports based on general ledger accounts and auxiliary books, supporting the work of accounting and controlling departments.
Homebanking is a module supporting data exchange between enterprises and banks, using the ability to send and receive files, as well as the automatic flow of information through webservice. The tool allows to automate payments, better manage the flow of funds on your accounts and reduce the number of erroneous operations by validating their correctness.

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Provide your company with tools necessary to develop and strengthen its position on the market, supporting and improving its functioning