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The Software Production Division creates and implements its own IT solutions. We focus on innovative products and technologies that allow our clients to become a leader in the efficiency and value of their solutions, we support our clients when it comes to IT systems, in organizational and process changes, we help improve organizations, increase efficiency, automate and integrate processes.

In the solutions provided, we use artificial intelligence mechanisms, e.g. in the processes of qualification and recognition of documents, information management, process approach to the functioning of the organization.

How we work?

The Software Production Division implements all projects based on the latest global trends (Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Big Data or mobile technologies, advanced OCR, artificial intelligence) and best practices, including in the field of process operation of the organization, GDPR, risk management, production, planning, purchasing (PZP) or logistics.

The Software Production Division operates in two main streams:

  • Creating and implementing own software products, tailoring them to the needs of a particular client or the environment, like for example, a purchasing platform.
  • Complementing complex ERP implementations (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft) with components not available or not suited to the current specification, like workflow engine, process efficiency monitor.

Why choose us?

High team competences
Experienced programmers and consultants
Technological novelties regularly introduced to the market
Constant work on improving proprietary solutions

The Electronic Office (eOffice) is a module that introduces digital management of documentation incoming/outgoing the organization. The Electronic Office automates scanning and recognition processes using OCR techniques, fully digitizes the processes of receiving, issuing incoming correspondence, and preparing and issuing outgoing correspondence. The Electronic Office supports both traditional channels (letters, parcels) and electronic channels, is integrated with the electronic signature, maintains an electronic register of incoming and outgoing correspondence.
Elektroniczna Kancelaria zawiera moduł wielopoziomowych dekretacji oraz moduł spraw pozwalający na uruchamianie i nadzór spraw, których bieg jest nadany na podstawie przychodzących dokumentów.
The Electronic Office contains a multi-level account assignment module and a case module that enables to run and supervise cases that are run on the basis of incoming documents.

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